Trump’s Furious: DC Court Rules Biden Can’t Command Seal Team 6 to Assassinate Trump. Supreme Court Could Overrule

Brett Alan Williams
3 min readFeb 7, 2024
Trump, fists clenched, mouth in his usual oval, screaming
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Trump and his lawyers have been rightly arguing in a DC Court that every President of the United States has absolute immunity to do whatever he wants. As Trump’s lawyer said, if a president commands Seal Team 6 to assassinate a political opponent, that is protected under presidential immunity.

How can a president do their job if, like Nero, they don’t have the power to do what’s best for the American people? In the Federalist, James Madison said that if a government is to have authority, that government must have the power to enforce it. There’s only one person who serves as Pharaoh at a time. Obviously, the Founders intended that one American be above the law. Otherwise, why not make every citizen president? That could never work. Primates need a hierarchy.

But there remain two hopes to correct this outrage. First: Trump’s rallying the troops on Truth Social. With a Coke in one hand and Big Mac in the other, The Donald poked out screeds at 3 AM to mobilize America’s patriotic jihadists. (An example of Trump’s tireless work ethic and love for our GREAT Country.) “A Nation-destroying ruling like this cannot be allowed to stand,” he wrote with no misspellings. Absolute immunity is “for the good of our Country”; otherwise, “A President will be afraid to act.” Why is such tell-it-like-it-is reasoning not obvious to everybody, especially three women judges up to their ears in college degrees?

Second: American patriots, Trump-supporting Christians, Joe Six Pack at the tavern, DO YOUR DUTY! Call and write your congressmen; dress up in your best pretend army gear, march your AK-47s through your state capitals, and STOP letting the elites piss on your boots! Demand the Supreme Court jettison deliberation, analysis, science, and of all the dumb things, shitcan that ridiculous U.S. Constitution. Trump commanded you to dump it, twice already. What more do you need?

Demand that Joe Biden exercise his presidential immunity and command Seal Team 6 to assassinate Trump. It’s a God-given right of all presidents and has been since God made Trump and wrote this commandment in Genesis on the morning of October 22, 4004 BC, when He created the universe. But fear not. God will protect Trump from Team 6, and with this precedent, Trump will fleece America and foreign nations for 2, 3, 20 more terms. Who knows what God intends for Our Dear Leader?

If ever there was proof that the FBI, CIA, PTA Deep State is conspiring with space aliens to exterminate only GOPP Grand Old Putin Party Christian Nationalists walking pious in the footsteps of their disciple Judas, this is it. Marjorie Taylor Green’s Jewish space laser hidden behind the moon is about to plug into 5G cell towers to spread Bill Gates’ new virus and trigger all those microchips injected into fools who got the COVID vax. Don’t stand for this. Before it’s too late, STOP THE STEAL!



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