Just One More Time: Hey Trump Supporters, Now Do you Feel “sTupid”?

Brett Alan Williams
4 min readJun 11, 2023
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Last time here, we pondered what a bad month it’d been for liars after Donald Trump incurred a $5M fine for sexually assaulting E. Jean Carroll — which other sTupid people will pay for. On the very next day, Trump accumulated another $10M lawsuit for the same thing to the same person, adding to the sTupid bill. Then, Trump’s must-see Crime of the Century flopped with a yawn after Special Investigator John Durham’s $7M production costs ended up as trivial as its contribution to our $32 trillion national debt. (For which Trump is the record-setting single-term debtor at $8T.) Way to go, John! At least you didn’t waste a lot of money. We found from court records in Dominion v. FOX RT that even the apparent Trump sycophant and Putin-favorite Tucker Carlson loathes Trump, despite his dreamy-eyed fawning of the fat man. As the fall guy, Tucker was shown the way to a job offer in Moscow after FOX paid almost a billion dollars for lying to its viewers about a stolen election that wasn’t stolen. To top it off, we discovered the Christians on FOX admitted under oath or in texts behind the camera that they make their living as liars who reject Apostle Paul’s “We no longer lie to one another. We only tell the truth.” In other words, paid apostates. A new career category. How long till we get university majors in the field, or at least a Minor in Apostasy.

Well, after all that, it just got stratospherically worse for liars. Piled atop Trump’s 34 state felony charges in Manhattan, he hoarded another 37 federal charges in Miami. Boy, this guy gets around more than a serial adulterer… Oh, wait… He is a serial adulterer, and serial draft dodger, serial money launderer, serial bank frauder. He’s got 71 charges so far, and we’re not even to his insurrection or his attempt to steal the Georgia vote. For an old guy at 77, we’ve got to give Trump credit for his criminal fitness. The Walking Crime Wave is, in fact, a sprinter.

Conning his supporters, Trump made $12M off the Manhattan indictment. He should con multiples of that this time. What an achiever!

I had a change of heart. Three cheers for Don! Where’s the next rally?

As an inspiration for my pending dotage, I was so thrilled to hear of Trump’s record — and after a record two impeachments, no less — that I read the indictment.

Then it happened. After such a short affair, I began to doubt Our Dear Leader.

I had a secret clearance at the world’s largest defense contractor at the time. I was also involved in “black programs” with Special Access Required (SAR) clearance in which not even a gum wrapper escapes uninspected from the vault those documents live in. Vaults where workspaces are filled with locked files, locked cabinets, and locked disk drives all under surveillance that no one has access to outside those cleared by DOD and read on to the program, which can never be named or spoken outside the vault. And yet somehow, Trump had classified documents — hundreds of them — in his shower, his bathrooms, on his home stage, in closets, a garage, and spilled out among the partygoers, golfers, minimum wage work staff, and infiltrators at Mar-a-Largo. Had Trump already given Putin Top Secret documents on U.S. nuclear capabilities and weaknesses? Or had Russian and Chinese spies known or unknown on Trump’s payroll taken whatever they wanted while Trump was flashing secrets to his PAC funders and pals on the course? Were it not that Trump-shill Judge Aileen Cannon has been assigned to the case, Trump would be headed for decades in prison. It was Cannon who was bench-slapped by the conservative 11th Circuit Court of Appeals for her partisan attempt to thwart this investigation last year. Special Counsel Jack Smith said no one is above the law, but it’s not true. The National Archives would have never asked me for the return of classified documents — for 15 months; never would DOJ have asked even once; never would they wait for me to comply with a subpoena. I’d been in prison in a heartbeat.

It’s not hyperbole to note that for influence, money, or little-boy bragging rights, Trump’s compromise of America’s most sensitive military secrets jeopardizes every man, woman, and child in the U.S. In what intel experts label Mar-a-Largo’s “hotbed for spies,” Trump made available our strengths — showing hostiles how to defeat them, and weaknesses — inviting hostiles to exploit them. From U.S. intelligence agents in the field to troops in harm’s way, Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine, their greatest threat is Trump.

What a surprise from a man who called our soldiers “losers and suckers.” The same man who stood with General Kelly over Kelly’s dead son in Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day and said, “I don’t get it. What’s in it for them?

And what are Trump’s disciples saying? Louisiana House Rep. Clay Higgins and Arizona House Rep. Andy Biggs — who looked to be escorting Trump jihadists for reconnaissance before their January 6 coup — called for war, while Mike Pence promotes the QAnon “Deep State” witch hunt. They, Jim Jordan, Marjorie Taylor Green, and others in the New Right defend this espionage. No wonder they’re called the GOPP, the Grand Old Putin party.



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