Hey Trump Supporters, Now Do You Feel Stupid?

Brett Alan Williams
4 min readMay 24, 2023
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It’s been a bad month for liars. Trump was found guilty of sexual assault that will cost his supporters $5M. Next day, The Mouth hadn’t learned his lesson so incurred another $10M defamation lawsuit. He was indicted on 34-counts of felony in his old hometown, and FBI Special Investigator John Durham just released his conclusions on what Trump said is the “crime of the century.” And what did Durham find after three and a half years of sightseeing Italy and spending $7 million in taxpayer dollars? After 306 pages of diversion, fluff, and boredom, after finding evidence that Trump committed fraud, after losing the only two court cases he brought, tucked in at the end of it all Durham admits that Trump should have been scrutinized by rules of an FBI preliminary investigation rather than a full investigation. A distinction without a difference. Bottom line: Trump provided ample evidence he might be engaged in treason. And that was all before his seven secret meetings with Putin, his attempt to dismantle NATO for Putin, his siding with Putin over the CIA in Helsinki. It was, however, after his second fine by the U.S. Treasury for money laundering for Putin. So, thanks John, we already knew he should be investigated.

And just before Durham’s flop? It’s finally public and on the record that FOX lies to its viewers and censors the truth as part of its business model. In keeping with the old adage that there’s a sucker born every minute, FOX and talk radio have proven there are millions of dollars in hoodwinking the gullible. There’s also a massive worldwide market for, and money in, upending democracies. FOX has been a best-in-class leader for years. But the FOX business model just cost them $787 million. It turns out that in a nation of so many liars, there’s still a limit to immorality that only the courts recognize.

In this instance, FOX had been incessantly claiming that Dominion voting machines were rigged to cheat Trump. So, after 3600 warnings, Dominion sued FOX. In Conspiracy Land, without evidence or even common sense, the election was said to be rigged by Democrats, then Venezuela, then Cuba, China, and the Devil. Meanwhile, Dominion’s lawsuit allowed them to file pre-trial depositions revealing scenes behind the FOX camera that would garner Dominion almost a billion dollars. Each deposition was another bombshell, except on FOX, where reality is censored. Behind the scenes, we heard Sean Hannity admit he’d lied to his viewers about a stolen election that wasn’t. “I didn’t believe it, not for one second,” he said under oath, then told the public nightly that he did. Off air, Laura Ingraham said that the lie promoters of Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani were “Crazy” and “Stupid” while hosting them on her show. Star opinionator Tucker Carlson said in text messages that “[Trump] is a demonic force, a destroyer… I hate him passionately,” then defended Trump on every broadcast.

Isn’t it funny that Sean Hannity claims to be a Christian? Before Christmas 2022, he said on his show that he was taking a vacation to “find God.” Did you notice that Laura Ingraham wears a Latin cross on her necklace? Tucker Carlson claims to be Episcopalian. While Apostle Paul said, “We no longer lie to one another, we only tell the truth,” and Jesus said, “Seek the truth to set you free,” Hannity, Ingraham, Carlson, and the rest at FOX admitted they lie for a living. Are these people criminals, or apostates, or both?

But the killer evidence for Dominion came when the chief profiteer in democracy’s demise, FOX CEO and founder Rupert Murdoch, admitted he knew the Big Lie was a big lie: “Yes, I could have [silenced Hannity, Ingraham, Carlson, Pirro, Bartiromo]. But I didn’t.” Because lying is not about red states, it’s not about blue states, “it’s about green [money],” he said under oath.

As always, it wasn’t the Head Ted who took the fall; it was the little guy. Poor Tucker, who pleaded — after he was canned, “Where can you still find Americans saying true things?


And to think it was Tucker who got FOX the FOX RT (Russian Television) moniker. Such injustice. It was Carlson who said, “Why shouldn’t I root for Russia? Which I am.” Tucker’s been carrying Putin’s water for so long that he was just offered a job on Moscow TV. He should take it — now that he’s on the dole. Since Tucker’s been on Moscow television for years, welcomed by the Kremlin, Tucker could immerse himself in Lenin, Stalin, and Mao to feel like he was back home in Trumpland. Maybe he could generate another attempt to overthrow the U.S. Constitution and another opportunity for Al Qaeda to cheer from Afghanistan for Trump’s jihadists.

But I confess, as an old Reaganite, the sack of Carlson has made me giddy with anticipation for more just deserts. Smartmatic’s pending litigation against FOX is for $2.7 billion. Newsmax, OAN, Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani are all lined up for a whopping $10 billion in lawsuits. Trump’s on deck for stealing Department of Defense Top Secrets, conspiring an insurrection, and trying to steal Georgia’s votes. Will America’s lie factories survive? I haven’t been this happy since Newt Gingrich resigned in disgrace from the House of Representatives in 1999. While the GOP is now the GOPP — the Grand Old Putin Party — perhaps billions of lost dollars will crush what morality, Christianity, and truth haven’t been able to tame.

Oh, and yes, Trump supporters can feel stupid now. But they shouldn’t. Now that Tucker is gone, FOX ratings have dropped 50 percent, validating that old truism that suckers want to be lied to. It’s an intentional choice, not an accidental flaw.



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