An Already Headless House is Decapitated: No Wonder Al Qaeda Loves These Guys. Even Putin Gets an Early Gift!

Brett Alan Williams
4 min readOct 7, 2023
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Pausing from my Great North American Quest to explore its every pristine wilderness with pups and a backpack, I returned to civilization and switched on my TV to see what I missed. The news was packed with plot twists, sabotage, hilarious antics, and delicious backstabbing as I watched “Republicans” eat each other.

First, I discovered that spineless ass-kissers like Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy have trouble keeping their head on their shoulders without the support of vertebrae beneath it. Especially when having to stoop so low as to press his nose up the dirtier crevasse of one of the world’s dirtiest cracks. And I don’t mean Trump alone. McCarthy pressed hard against an alleged child sex trafficker and pulled back an old lesson stuck to his nose: there’s no honor among thieves. Apparently, that’s when he lost his head. This decapitation of the U.S. House is the kind of beheading that Al Qaeda cheers for. The way they did from Afghanistan when Trump’s jihadists stormed the Capitol on 1/6, just as Al Qaeda cheered their planes on 9/11, the fourth one intended for the Capitol.

Second, it looks like Putin gets an even more devout asset in the Speaker’s chair. A kind of Heinrich Himmler from Ohio, taking orders from Our Dear Leader in exile. Consequently, and by one of those strange circles in history, the New Right — with no relation to the Russian-defeating Reagan-right — gives Putin a gift early. The deal was, once sTupid was back in office, U.S. aid for Ukraine would stop and Ukraine would be given to Vladimir “in 24 hours,” Trump said. But knowing Trump’s bumbling incompetence — which the KGB groomed since the late 80s by pandering to Trump’s inferiority complex — Vlad was afraid Trump couldn’t keep himself out of prison and in as America’s first dictator. As it is, Himmler gets the Speaker’s spot, Trump whispers in his ear, problem solved!

They don’t call it the GOPP, Grand Old Putin Party, for nothing.

This gives Putin the break he and Russian Orthodox Christian Archpriest Ivan Garmisch have been praying for. Little different from Trump’s anti-Christ Christian Nationalists, Garmisch is so faithful he kisses Putin’s missiles before launch on maternity wards, elementary schools, and Ukrainian Orthodox Christian churches where elderly civilians were hiding. The GOPP sure doesn’t want to stop that.

As cover, Ohio’s Himmler tells us this whole stink over Ukraine is really about the budget. But in 2019, New Right Director Rush Limbaugh declared, “This concern for the deficit and budget has been bogus for as long as it’s been around.” Trump thought so too because he saddled the U.S. with debt faster than any executive in history: $8 trillion in just four years. (It took Obama twice as long to do that. Way to go, Don!) America spent $15 billion per month on a boondoggle in Iraq; we taxpayers gave AIG $182 billion in a single night and shoveled over $700 billion to Wall Streeters, who then gave themselves a $21 billion bonus the following year for driving the world into the Great Recession. So, what’s this budget talk? With a comparative pittance, Ukraine has crippled Russia’s military with zero American lives lost. Bargain priced.

After these top stories, I watched the National Loser, perpetually oval-mouthed. (Why is his mouth stuck like that? Maybe Vlad knows.) Full of teeth, he was snarling at cameras in one court after another after another after another. I saw him waddle to courts for bank fraud, insurance fraud, tax fraud, defamation, theft of top secrets, and treason. Boy, that guy gets around, and yet he still lost all his New York con games and mafia operations. This clown can’t stop bankrupting everything he touches — from the Trump Shuttle Airline to the New Jersey Generals, the entire USFL, Trump Taj Mahal Casino, Plaza Casino, Castle Casino, America… How can anyone lose money on a casino? People go to casinos to exchange massive amounts of money to play games they know they can’t win. Trump’s Taj lost over $4 billion. And that’s when sTupid was laundering hundreds of billions in stolen Russian money through it — after he lost every penny of the $400 million his father gave him. America’s Business Bumbler, who I hear looked so smart on his gameshow. Guess not, suckers.

Now I know why people watch reality TV. But it’s not a spectacle to binge on, the way the GOPP gives it on the angertainment of FOX RT and Goebbels radio with their performance politics, incapable of analysis, solutions, or those boring policies that actually fix real problems. After eight years in the House, the alleged sex trafficker — like so many in the Arson Conference — has submitted zero legislation because improvement in the lives of his constituents or the country is not his job. Instead, his job is bomb-thrower and fund raiser. And what a surprise. Hire pedophiles, child molesters, QAnon kooks, and traitors who try to overthrow the Constitution and it’s no surprise at all.

Time for me to get back to the wilderness.

Good luck out there. You’re gonna need it. Hopefully, I’m on the Canadian side when it all comes down.

I wonder if the Romans felt this way around 476 A.D.



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